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At Apex Chiropractic & Wellness Center we are dedicated to uncovering the underlying factors behind physiological inflammation, as we believe that addressing inflammation is paramount for effective treatment. Our unique "Apex Approach" centers around four essential pillars of health. Below are the four pillars utilized to explore the origins of physiological inflammation.

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The first pillar explores the neurological aspects of inflammation. Our advanced diagnostic technology allows us to assess the nervous system's functionality and identify any potential nerve-related issues that could be contributing to inflammation. By understanding the nervous system's role, we can tailor treatments to enhance neurological function and reduce inflammation.

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The third pillar investigates the impact of chemicals on inflammation. We utilize advanced testing methods to analyze your body's chemical balance, including inflammation markers and other relevant factors. This enables us to identify any dietary or environmental triggers that could be contributing to inflammation, guiding us in developing personalized treatment plans.

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The musculoskeletal pillar delves into the relationship between inflammation and the structure of the body. Through cutting-edge diagnostic tools, we evaluate the musculoskeletal system to detect misalignments, imbalances, or dysfunctions that might be triggering inflammation. Addressing these issues is crucial in the journey to alleviate inflammation and promote overall health.

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The hormonal pillar focuses on assessing the endocrine system's influence on inflammation. Our diagnostic technology allows us to monitor hormonal levels and their potential role in perpetuating inflammation. By understanding the hormonal aspect, we can devise strategies to balance hormones and reduce inflammation effectively.

Initial Visit

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Initial Consult

On your initial visit, the doctor will take time to sit down and listen to your health concerns. This will give the doctor the opportunity to completely understand your health goals. As well as to connect better with you and your family! After, this portion of the appointment the doctor will determine which advanced diagnostic test(s) to perform! 

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Advanced Diagnostics

On your first visit, you will undergo diagnostic testing and a detailed physical and neurological examination. Your doctor will then review your results with you and explain what is contributing to your symptoms. Based on your extensive evaluation, your doctor will prescribe a individualized treatment plan unique to your condition.

(Not all Diagnostic tools are necessary for every case.)

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Review of findings

Our dedicated doctors will create a comprehensive Report of Findings based on the objective results from the diagnostic testing. This report will offer valuable insights into the root cause of your inflammation and serve as a foundation for designing a personalized treatment plan.

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Treatment plan

If our doctors determine that you are a suitable candidate for care, the treatment phase will commence. The "Apex Approach" empowers you with a personalized roadmap to address the root cause of your inflammation, guiding you on a path to improved health and well-being.

Tracking Progress with Objective Results:

We understand the importance of measurable progress throughout your treatment journey. The "Apex Approach" employs cutting-edge diagnostic technology to numerically identify the causes of inflammation, offering a clear visual representation of your progress over treatment sessions. This data-driven approach helps both our doctors and patients monitor improvements and make informed decisions as your treatment plan evolves.

Medical Record Analysis

Embark on your path to wellness

Experience the difference of the "Apex Approach" at Apex Chiropractic & Wellness Center. Take the first step towards resolving physiological inflammation and achieving a healthier, happier life. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and begin your journey to optimal well-being.

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